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What People Say

“Went skydiving here this week. It was a great experience (my second time, but the first at this location). At first I was somewhat bummed that I had to wait for several groups to go ahead of me, but it ended up being really fun talking to the others who were waiting and watching the other skydivers land. It got me even more excited for my jump. My instructor was Imre and he was super nice and granted my wish to do a flip as we exited the airplane. Compared to my first jump a few years back at a different DC-area location, the free fall seemed to be much longer--which was amazing. In my opinion, the free fall is the *best* part. Overall, I was very pleased with my experience here. If I decide to go again, I'll definitely return. Thanks again, Imre!.” 


—  Melissa H. Yelp Online Review 7.11.2018

“This was the perfect place to cross skydiving off my bucket list. I did hours of research before choosing DC Skydiving Center and there is no doubt in my mind I made the right choice. All the staff were friendly and personable and they made me feel safe throughout the entire process. They obviously cared about diver safety more than anything. I don't like heights and thought I would be panicking the whole time, but my instructor kept reminding me how much I wanted to do this and how amazing it was going to feel. He was absolutely right. The free fall was a glorious experience and the subsequent float down really took my breath away. As soon as I landed I wanted to go again!
I would highly recommend DC Skydiving Center for anyone looking to skydive for the first time! This activity isn't just for the super daredevils and thrill-seekers out there--it's for anyone who wants to experience a feeling of complete freedom.” 


—  Naomi C. Yelp Online Review 7.9.2018

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