The theme of the August issue of Blue Ridge Outdoors Magazine is "Big Adventure", and what could be bigger than Skydiving? Watch this video of BRO Travel Editor Jess as she jumps with us at the DC Skydiving Center. Have you been on a Big Adventure?

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"Loved it! Lots of fun, and this just started my skydiving adventures! WARNING-- Highly addictive, you will want to go back again and again." --Google user

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Photo of Matthew K.

Matthew K.
Aurora, CO

yelp 5-star review

When I started thinking about everything from a reviewing standpoint, I found it difficult to separate out the process from the experience. So when I say, "It was AMAZING!!!" I want to extend that to both skydiving itself, and DC Skydiving Center.

They made the process amazingly simple, taking all the anxiety that may go with such an undertaking much easier to handle. You show up and the site is a little underwhelming. With it's simple grass parking, patio chair for seating, and seemingly endless liability form you might wonder. Where they make the difference, the instructors. Kurt, my buddy for the fall back to earth was fantastic at explaining everything I needed to know, telling me when to expect various things, and exactly when I needed to each and every task, of which there aren't too many so no worries on it getting complicated.

I have to credit him with making the experience everything it could be, fun, exhilarating, and an one of a kind experience I'll never forget. If, and by if I really mean when, I go again, I'm going to try and request him by name.

If you have every thought about trying it out. You can't go wrong with DC Skydiving Center, just gotta make sure you track the country roads so you don't accidentally miss it!

Photo of Anne C.

Anne C.
Arlington, VA

If you are an adrenaline junkie, this is for you! I loved my experience at DC Skydiving! I got a livingsocial deal and yes, they might cancel on you a few times due to weather, but better safe than sorry right?

My friends and I went yesterday and wow it was so beautiful and perfect weather! I jumped with Chris who is wild, crazy and best of all, FUN!!! oh, and still safe ;) What more could you ask for when you're jumping out of a plane! Everyone is laid back and funny, including the girl that straps you in and you barely have any time to even get nervous. You get strapped in, get on the plane, hear some instructions and boom! you're out! 

It was a gorgeous view and such a fun experience, I would totally go back just to jump with Chris, but all of my friends said they enjoyed their instructors too so I'm sure all of them are great!!

Photo of Danielle E.

Danielle E.
Wellston, OH

Yelp 5 out of 5

Wow! What else can I say? My boyfriend and I jumped earlier today, and we both had a fantastic experience as first time jumpers.

My instructor, Dimitriye, was great! He was meticulous about strapping me intro my harness, which I appreciated, and he went above and beyond to make me feel comfortable. However, what really impressed me was his professionalism immediately before the jump. He was all-business yet calm when reminding me exactly what I needed to do, and it really put me at ease.

I too would recommend buying the video. It's expensive, but it's definitely worth it if you're a first time jumper. The jump goes by so fast so having the video to replay the experience is really great. I wasn't going to buy a video at first, but Dimitriye convinced me to get the video, and I'm glad I did!

...I will definitely be going again!

Photo of Luis D.

Luis D.
Rockville, MD

This place is great!

First of all I want to give 2 thumbs up to Gustavo, my instructor, for an amazing jump. I hope you all are as lucky as I was to jump with him.

Making a reservation is a must. It can get busy and if you don't want to wait then it just makes sense to call weeks in advance and make a reservation. The paperwork is quick and easy, so just leave 5-10 minutes for that.

The ride up is nice and easy and the instructors all seemed excited even though they are jumping so often during the day. Definitely tip your instructor before you jump, and tip them extra if they are Gustavo!

Jumping out of the plane was amazing, I just hip thrusted myself out and I was falling at 120 miles per hour through the air! I was ABOVE clouds! As in usually they are above me, but this time I was above them. I WAS ABOVE CLOUDS! Its cray cray!

The view is amazing! I can't describe how amazing you feel, you just have to do it. Landing was also very soft and no bruises what so ever! I cannot wait to jump again!

Oh and put aside 80 bucks for a video! If its your first time you definitely want to do that!

Photo of Tiffanie L.

Tiffanie L.
Aldie, VA

This was at the top of my bucket list, I have one even though I'm 27 :)

Dimitrije was the greatest instructor I could have asked for. He was funny, enthusiastic and knowledgeable. We were a perfect fit, because when I'm scared or nervous I like to make jokes and he went right along with me. I thought I might throw up on the plane ride and Dimitrije gave me a quick pep talk and I was ready to go! The skydiving center is laid back and everyone has fun. We got our dive video taped, which I would recommend, because I was so scared I don't remember the jump until the parachute opened.

I will definitely go again if Dimitrije is my instructor.

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